A History of Caring

Vesta owes its success to humble beginnings and unwavering dedication to medical device manufacturing. Two medical engineers founded the company in 1972, with one primary customer and a vision of a bright future. After a few successful years, a new leadership team worked to grow the business, finding opportunities in producing Foley catheters, pilot balloons and pacemaker tops for large medical device manufacturers. These leaders shared a passion for strong medical device engineering and understood its impact on healthcare. Their creative problem solving and attention to detail are values that Vesta still upholds today as part of our focus on engineering and commitment to quality, making Vesta one of the leading medical device companies in the world.

The Story Continues

Since those early days, Vesta has grown into a global leader in contract medical device manufacturing. Vesta is now responsible for molding, extruding and assembling more than 60 million successful components each year for the world’s top device companies.

And we’re constantly moving toward future growth by investing in our facilities, equipment, processes, technology and people. Our relationship with RoundTable Healthcare Partners helps us do just that. RoundTable is an operating-oriented private equity firm focused exclusively on the healthcare industry. With this strategic alliance, we are able to leverage capital to make major investments in our organization. As a result, we are able to better serve our customers and their patient care goals.

ExtrumedOne such investment was the acquisition of California-based ExtruMed LLC in March 2009, which expanded our manufacturing services to include thermoplastic extrusion solutions. Founded in 1989, ExtruMed established an outstanding reputation for quality, precision and superior service — values that perfectly align with Vesta’s and enable us to serve our clients better. ExtruMed’s capabilities were developed both through in-house investments and the strategic acquisitions of Extrusioneering and Innovative Extrusions enabling the company to become an industry leader in tight-tolerance, medical thermoplastic extrusions. This dedication to meeting the healthcare industry’s growing needs continues to drive our success today. Learn more about the acquisition »

How We Got Our Name

Vesta’s founders wanted their company to have a name that reflected their passion for innovation. They found that passion in the word “Vesta,” the name of the ancient Roman goddess of fire, hearth and home. Her temple was considered the central hearth of the city, and a sacred fire burned in it at all times to represent her commitment to family. Today, the company’s name reflects our own commitment: to serve as a central source for today’s leading medical device manufacturers — with caring at the core of our offering.

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